Saturday, August 17, 2013

Retronovo Kuching

Main Bazaar street with its traditional charm, steep in history and retronovo look.

The Main Bazaar street in Kuching is the focus of visitors and tourists to this historical city.  The traditional shoplots built during the Brooke's and later colonial days still retain their old charm.  In some quarters of the city can be seen tinsmiths who continue to upheld their trade in earnest.  They continue to carry on with this specialised trade in shophouses for many generations.

A time-honoured occupation and still working in earnest...

 The front of these shophouses have received what I call a "retronovo' look.  It refers to attempts to make the old look new through contemporary renovation ideas.  It is a worthwhile and rewarding attempt by private initiatives to re-make Kuching especially the waterfront section of the city appear vibrant and relevant.  Kuching will continue to fascinate visitors to the city because it has managed to retain many significant historical buildings that can be a source of inspiration and unique experience for future travelers and tourists to the city. 

Retronovo look to traditional shoplots..

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