Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hot, Flat and Battered

The World is Flat. It's Hot and Crowded for some. But today's menu is no less different. The chicken breast after being deep fried is hammered or battered, hit and flattened and served hot. Hot as in recently fried and hot with a most appetising chilli hot sauce. This new menu about town is called "Ayam Penyek". In Malay 'ayam' means chicken and 'penyek' refers to the act of hitting or battering causing something to be flattened as in this instance, the chicken breast meat. Thus how the menu gets its name. With a lunch plate costing RM 6 it is a popular choice here judging from the crowd that normally request for it. The menu consists of half-boiled vegetables as salad, rice and a tiny bowl of soup. But really to enjoy it you've got to eat with your right hand and fingers for that extra finger-licking good experience. I tried and loved it.

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