Friday, June 5, 2009

Colourful Buildings

In the distant is the Kuching Mosque where I attended Friday prayers today. The colourful building on the right is a multi-storey car park-cum-food court.

Shady Park

I parked my car here while I performed the Friday prayers at a Mosque near by today.  The rain trees have created a cool and shady micro-climate in the mini park.

Driving Rubber Road, Kuching

What's Looking Up?

THe web of branches against the blue sky made me run for my camera handphone.  Here's the view looking up the Yellow Flame tree. Location: Car Park near Kuching Mosque.

Kayan Burial Hut

About 150 years ago, the Kayans of Sarawak used to inter ( bury ) their dead ones in big burial huts called "Salong" .  Though the custom is not practised now,  the 'totem pole' in which the bones are kept ( in special jars) can be seen around the Sarawak Museum gardens in Kuching.  They can come in single trunk or double-trunk poles.  The picture above shows one that is double-trunk.  Standing about 10 meters from the ground the "Salong" can last for hundreds of years due to the enduring 'belian' wood that is used to carve the designs.  

Flowering Trees of Kuching - Jun

I notice the Trumpet trees are beginning to flower profusely in some parts of Kuching this month.  This picture I took along the road facing the RTM building .  There are two varieties grown in Sarawak now viz the white and pink flower varieties.  The Trumpet trees ( Tabebuia)  have big flowers that are trumpet to bell-shaped and have spectaular colours in shade of white, pink, red or yellow.

Tabebuia alba bearing white flowers.
Location: Road facing RTM Building, Kuching.

Flowers of Kuching - Hibiscus

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flowering Trees of Kuching - May

Below are pictures of flowering trees in Kuching for  the month of May,2009.

Rain Tree flowers in Close Up ( Enterolobium saman ) 

Rain Tree in Long Shot

Flowers of the Tembusu in Close Up ( Fagraea fragrans )

Tembusu Tree in flower

Flowers of the Golden Shower in Close Up ( Cassia fistula )

The Golden Shower Tree in full bloom

Flowers of Kuching - Varieties

Below are the flowers that I have planted at my Kuching garden. For your eyes only.

Sepenuh ( Eurcycles amboinensis)

Costus woodsoonii

Pink Canna hybrid

Pink Frangipani ( Plumeria rubra)