Friday, April 24, 2009

Aerobic dancing

It's aerobic dancing outside the Sarawak State Library I saw yesterday. I noticed there were more ladies than men and they seemed to enjoy it because they participated voluntarily. These aerobic sessions are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week between 4.30 pm - 6.00 pm when the sun is slightly low in the horizon and the weather much cooler.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Living Crafts

There is a tiny lane by the side of Carpenter Street in Kuching where I took these pictures today. Carpenter Street runs parallel to the Kuching Waterfront. Two subjects that drew my attention was a Chinese craftsman who seemed very adept in the art of making hardware items that has been mastered over generations. Along this narrow lane called 'Bishop's Gate' there is a small colony of these artisans who are still carrying out the age old tin smiting business. The early Chinese artisans who have honed their skills using tin have upgraded themselves through years of practise to newer materials like mild galvanised sheets and more recently thin stainless steel sheets. When I asked one of them ( pix above) how long he has been in the business, he told me in no uncertain terms " Fifty Years". Judging by his skillful hands ,deep concentration and precise execution I have no doubt that that he really talked the walk and walked the talk.
Further down the 'Bishop's Gate' lane a wall of paintings crowded the narrow five-foot way. Paintings by local artists were displayed for sale. By the look of it , the spirit of commerce is thriving well on Bishop's Gate lane. It's interesting to see how local artists have risen to the occasion too by demonstrating their talents in support of the growing tourism business around the Kuching Waterfront area.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Modelling Shot

At the Spring shopping mall a group of students from the Limkokwing Creative Technology University were busy clicking their cameras focussed on a walk-in model. They were searching for aspiring models to participate in their 'Breeze Model Search ' project. A brave attempt by the girl and an encouraging trend for young students who dare demonstrate their skills to the street.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Room On Top of The Stairs

As I entered the entrance of Carpenter Street yesterday I couldn't help but sing 'Room on Top of the Stairs'.

Green setting

I spent a cool afternoon in the shades of these trees yesterday. This small urban park is situated within the Kuching Watefront area.

China Street

This narrow lane is an off shot from the main Carpenter Street. Called 'Upper China Street' it is reminiscent of the early days of Kuching when streets were narrow and shop houses were the homes, business premise and playground all-in-one for the immigrant Chinese.

Longest Row of Cannas

This is about the longest stretch of cannas grown in Kuching. It is about 200 m in length and planted with three colourful shades of cannas -red, yellow and orange. The building in the center of the picture belongs to the Kuching City North. Cannas belong to the broad family of bananas and ginger in that they have rhizomes. Over centuries, they have been cross-breeded and now many hybrids are available having varied colours and mixture. Cannas love the open sun and require heavy manuring and removal of spent leaves or stems if they are to exhibit their true colours and bright appeal.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Selling History

You can sell history of Old Kuching. At the Satok Sunday market this morning I stumbled upon a stall that sells old photographs of Kuching . They come in various sizes and all pictures are laminated. Most of the pictures appear to be reprints or photocopies of the originals. Apparently they are a lot of admirers as well as buyers to the stall.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Golden Shower

In the middle of Mile 7 town center where the above mini-park is I noticed today a row of Golden Shower ( Cassia fistula) trees that are in full flowering. The bright yellow flowers are in heavy clusters and sometimes envelop the whole tree. Being deciduous they will be left without leaves for a while after the flowering season is over. Flowers last for a few weeks and then fall on the ground below forming a thin yellow carpet .

Pak Tambang

This relief sculpture depicts the unsung heroes of the Sarawak River. Made of bronze and mosaic and approximately 2m x 3m in size it is dedicated to the many generations of boatmen ( Pak Tambang) who have dedicated their lives for the safety and comfort of residents and visitors they successfully ferry daily. 'Tambang' refers to the small boat that they row or paddle (before) but now powered by a small inboard engine to cross the still waters of the Sarawak River around the Kuching waterfront area. This sculpture is located at the Kuching waterfront area.