Thursday, February 12, 2009

Visit to a Crocodile Farm

The Jong crocodile farm is about 25 km from Kuching City centre. It is easily reached by taxi . Here two types of crocodiles are bred in captivity, viz the saltwater or estuarine crocodile ( Crocodylus porpous) and the freshwater or inland crocodile ( Tomistoma schlegii ). The farm is a private undertaking by the Jong family. Above is one of the two ponds where feeding time is watched by visitors and tourists who pay RM 10 (adults) per entry. But I thought the charges were well worth it when you see their big collection of crocodiles and other animals in the mini zoo within the generous 25 acres site. I paid a visit to the farm on 10/2/09 at 3.00 pm to watch them feed these ferocious carnivorous reptiles, an ancient relic of the dinosaur family.

Don't run for the ladder if a crocodile chases you!
As part of the main show a whole chicken piece is lowered to the middle of the pond and the more adventurous of the crocs fight for the special prize of the day.

Juvenile crocodiles are kept in separate enclosures .
The farm is able to breed crocodiles after many years of trial and error. To date there are about 500 of them born at the farm.

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