Saturday, December 6, 2008

T-Shirts of 'Kuching'

The T-shirt says it all. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak. Coincidentally Kuching is also the local Malay word for cat. The story goes that when the early British traders set up shop in Sarawak in the middle of the nineteenth century, they used to park their ships and goods at a small river close to the existing Main Bazaar Road. Along this river were found numerous 'Mata Kuching' trees ( Dimocarpus longan malesianus) which bear fruits very much like the longan but smaller in size. These fruits have dark brown seeds that look like cat's eyes. The name 'Kuching' was chosen to refer to this early trading post area and slowly became vogue when the Rajah of Sarawak ( Ruler of Sarawak) built his palace or astana across it.
Today, as I went around Satok to do a little shopping I came across T-shirts marketing those lovable Kuching icons - yes, cats and of course the name of the city itself.
Still interested to know more about Kuching cats? Then you're welcome to visit my special blog about them here.

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