Friday, December 5, 2008

Kuching Garden Scents

Wooden platter with scented flowers.
Went shopping for a wooden platter yesterday at the Kuching waterfront's handicrafts and sovenier shops. Now you can find lots of Sarawak's multi-layered cakes called 'kek lapis' sold at the sidewalk along the shops too.  The lady on the right sells such cakes. These cakes appear to be an important 'export' item of Kuching tourism currently.
CU View of Kuching's multi-layered cakes called "Kek Lapis" in Malay.
(Note: The price tag is in Malaysian Ringgit currency)
I finally got a wooden platter from one one the shops and  used it to display fresh cut flowers especially scented ones for room or study fragrance.The wood platter costs me RM 15.
The center flower is the white ginger ( hedychium coronarium) with its butterfly-like pure white flowers and yellow shades in the center.  On the right is the pink frangipani ( plumeria rubra) and the left one is the sweetly scented jasmine flowers ( jasminum multiforum) with its star-shaped tiny white flowers formed in a nice little bunch. 

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