Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Slicing the Jackfruit ( Artocarpus integer)

On any Sunday at the jungle produce market, ( situated at Satok Road ) you meet native women selling sliced young jackfruits .  A small basket portion of it costs RM 1.
These sliced pieces are ready to be cooked preferebly with coconut milk. The ripe seeds can be boiled and eaten with honey or sugar with grated coconut.
It is the use of the flesh of the jackfruit when cooked that gave the name breadfruit to this plant family and in science the name of the genus:- in Greek, artos=bread and karpos=fruit .
Ripe jackfruit containing starchy,sweet flesh and seed
Locally the jackfruit is called ' cempedak'. It is native to Malaysia and therefore Kuching as well. The ripe fruits which are fleshy and sweet can also be fried into fritters for afternoon tea. Below is a picture of the jackfruit tree.  The tree can easily reach a height of 15 m.  The fruits are cylinderical, about 30-40cm long.


Tabib said...

Terliur tengok cempedak masak tu!
Good pics with camera phone.

Eki Akhwan said...

I can almost smell the fragrant smell of the cempedak ... yummy ... (can't eat too much of it though. sigh ...)