Sunday, October 5, 2008

Selling on Kuching sidewalks

The King of Fruits, the durian is back in town.  Here at Mile 7 town ( formerly) and now renamed Kota Sentosa a trader pitch up camp temporarily by the sidewalk to sell his collection of durians. People gather quickly to check out the quality of the fruits, where they come from, the price obviously and perhaps to try their skill in selecting the best fruits to buy. In the case of the durian you cannot tell the book by its cover. They may look pretty outside but once opened  may reveal flesh that are unripe, stale, bitter or plain rotten. Ah, and that's why you just have to trust your skill.
A little distance from the durian's crowd I saw this assortment of artificial flowers made from plastic that overflowed from the shop into the sidewalks.  Mile 7 town is about 7 miles from Kuching city and even though considered small I find the business activity here very buzzling due the presence of five army camps that are spaced out from Mile 6 to Mile 11.  Mile 7 becomes the center of shopping for the army personnels and their family members. The army camps are the main economic generators for the Mile 7 township.

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