Monday, October 20, 2008

Kuching's Historical Buildings

The buiding in white is called the 'Square Tower' built in 1879 and is located within the Kuching waterfront area.  Of all the towns in Sarawak, Kuching has the most beautiful and a very sizeable collection of well preserved colonial buildings.  From  middle of the 19th century ( 1842) to late 20th century (1963) Kuching and progressively other towns in Sarawak were ruled and administered by the British. Many permanent buildings constructed then are still standing and in good shape even today. The Square Tower is one of them.
Today, the Square Tower has a gallery located on the first floor showcasing a brief history of Kuching waterfront area and the elaborate designs of the native peoples of Sarawak.
The ground floor space is taken up by a souvenier shop and a beautifully designed cafe.
This is how the Square Tower looked in the good old days when it was first used as a place for detention of prisoners, then as a fort and finally a dancing hall.

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