Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Night shopping at Satok

I am back in Kuching again after spending a month in Bintulu.  We arrived Kuching on the 27th September mainly to celebrate our Hari Raya here in Kuching. It has been announced through TV that this year's Hari Raya shall fall on the 1st of October. Last night we checked out the market at Satok and was surprised to note that the shopping hours have been extended till midnight.  Tents were set up to allow shoppers to do their last minute shopping.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Crossandra Flowers Open Flat

At the Satok weekend flower market I notice these interesting crossandra species.  They are commonly in shades of yellow, but the samples above are in orange / salmon-pink, and a mixed white and light yellow variety. Notice how the petals and the flowers open up horizontally like the palm of the hand. Crossandras are a low perennial shrub( i.e. blooming throughout the year) and are  planted en masse in beds in landscaped areas around Kuching city.