Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buddhist Temple in Midst of Malay Kampung

Reflective of the racial harmony in Kuching and Sarawak generally, this Buddhist temple belonging to the Chinese community sits atop a hill surrounded by Malay villages.  Historically, it has been noted that this was the mouth of the Sarawak River where the early immigrants from China after sailing the South China Sea landed. The Chinese immigrants built the temple way back in the early 1800's.  Named the ' Ching San Yen' temple, it is about a 40 minutes drive by road from Kuching City. Depending on the weather, season and now the cost of diesel, the local fishermen will go out to sea in small vessels as well as big trawlers and would land their catch at this village to be processed for export or distributed as fresh meat to other Kuching City fish markets.
Today, not many boats go out to sea due to strong winds. A view of the fishing vessels at Muara Tebas  jetty.

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