Thursday, May 29, 2008

A cotton tree in Kuching

Cottons and cottons everywhere on the lawn at Padang Merdeka, Kuching city. A cu view.

Two young girls are busy collecting cottons falling off from this cotton tree at Kuching's Padang Merdeka lawn. A rare moment not to be missed in Kuching. I was fortunate to witness the cotton tree shedding cotton on the garden floor below. My estimate is that this tree is about 25 m high.

Smoked 'Ikan Terubok'

On this trip to Kuching I had a special liking to 'ikan terubok'. This fish when smoked is delicious and is a favourite among West Malaysian tourists who bring them home salted to be enjoyed upon their return from Sarawak.

New Dewan Undangan Negeri building under construction

A river cruise boat passes the new Dewan Undangan Negeri complex , still under construction.

River cruise boat

A river cruise boat passes along the Kuching waterfront area in the very late afternoon sun.

Sampan ride

This red sampan will ferry you across the still waters of Kuching river for 40 sen a ride.

Souvenirs shops

The Kuching waterfront's souvenirs shops are now fast becoming an icon of Sarawak tourism. Here the private sector's contribution to Sarawak's tourism is at its best.

Cats for Sale

A wall of cats ready to be bought... tall cats,tiny cats, white cats, red cats, brown cats, yellow cats are trying to get attention from passers by and shoppers along this Kuching waterfront souvenir shop.

A closer view of the wooden cats that are beautifully painted with their outstretched necks and lovely eyes. It's cats at first sight.

Playful cats

At the Kuching waterfront a group of cats are seen on the open space displaying their playful behaviour.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kuching Mosque

A Kuching Mosque having newly painted in colours of pink, taken at a distance from India Street.

Dead Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms anyone. These 'dead mushrooms' , (well, that was the name of a popular rock band I knew a long time ago) are now sold a plenty at Satok Sunday market, a popular tourist spot in Kuching.

Saraca Tree in burst of flowers

At a neighbourhood road in Taman BDC is this handsome saraca tree displaying a burst of bright orangy flowers.

Climbing Figs

Is this fig tree going out of control? For sure it is competing against the "Trading Sdn Bhd" signboard for advertising space. Seen at India Street.

Street Bowl

Water feeds in fountain-like style into this street bowl. Seen at building exterior of Wisma Satok, Satok Road, Kuching.

Let the sun shine through!

Light passes through the ceiing dome of Masjid Jamek, Petra Jaya , Kuching.

Mosque Architecture

Ceiling view of Masjid Jamek , Petra Jaya .