Sunday, March 30, 2008

Peeping out

A variety of Hibiscus , the national flower of Malaysia having a peep at passers by at a private home in Kuching city.

Playful cats

A group of cats are seen here in front of the Holiday Inn Hotel, Kuching. A favourite site for visitors to snap a little bit of Kuching's original history. Kuching derived its name from a tree that bears seeds like cat's eyes. The local name for the fruit is 'buah mata kuching'.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A fine example of roadside topiary trees on a Kuching sub-urban road.

Red Sampans

Red 'sampans' waiting for passengers to cross the river. These boats are for hire . This Kuching waterfront sidewalk is a must for tourists . The stillness of the river water here is ideal for small boats like these . Small time boat operators are mainly partimers although some do make a permanent living out it. Increasingly, foreign visitors ride these boats to see a couple of tourist attractions opposite the waterfront area.

Sisters at Play

On this second trip to Kuching, we had lots of fun together. Here's Kuching Hitler with sisters at play. Bigger sister is called 'Messy Gray' and youngest sister is named 'Inul' ,after an Indonesian dangdut diva.

Huge ' Angsana Trees'

Big , tall umbrellas above! These overpowering 'angsana trees' are a welcome respite in the afternoon sun ride.

Pedestrian Mall

A man having a much needed rest on a private chair at India Street's pedestrian mall.

Merdeka Palace

Kuching is practically a botanical city. Here huge rain trees compete for roadside spaces. These huge green canopies provide much needed shade in an increasingly warming urban environment. In the background is the Merdeka Palace Hotel.

Mobile Phone Pouch

Beaded mobile phone pouches for sale at a popular local tourist spot at Serikin, on the outskirt of Kuching.

Pustaka Sculpture

As one enters the green compound of the Pustaka Negeri or State Library , one's attention is drawn to a public sculpture placed on a well manicured lawn.
A welcoming figure indeed for a life-long learner.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kuching Hitler

Kuching is a local word for cat. According to one theory, the city of Kuching derived its name from a local fruit called 'mata kuching' which bears seeds very much like a cat's eyes. My cat has dark eyes and a handsome moustache. For that matter, he is indeed a Kuching Hitler!
Born on 25th January,2008 at Bintulu, he has since travelled twice by road to Kuching.

Street vendor

A street vendor hawking a local delicacy called 'putu mayang'. Bystanders and customers watch the skillful hands of the street vendor making putu mayang along Gambier Road, Kuching.

Initail notes

Kuching is a city that has two mayors, a unique feature of Sarawak government administration attempt to appease two major groups of urban voters viz the Chinese controlled areas of south Kuching and the Buimputra controlled areas of northern Kuching.
As a city Kuching has plenty of attractions. This site will highlight the many attractions of Kuching....for the world to see.

Satok flyover in flowering glory. This 'Singapore Beauty' species of bougainvillea is a perfect choice for large container boxes . True to recommendation it is a delight to the senses.