Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kuih Mongkol

Banana leaves used as wrapper for the 'Kuih Mongkol'

 On this Hari Raya vist, we were introduced to a special Sarawak delicacy called the 'Kuih Mongkol' at Samarahan.  It is sweet tasting because the ingredients are 'Gula Apong' or Nipah syrup, dough of coconut milk and rice flour and 'Santan' (coconut milk) mixed with eggs. The ingredients need to be steamed and should be served hot.  Alternatively it can be served cold by keeping it in a refrigerator over night.  It is very eco-friendly because the whole mixture need to be wrapped in banana leaves.  The steps in cooking the Kuih Mongkol are as below:
a)  Place the Nipah syrup (brown in colour) together with the doughs (see inset)
b)  Wrap and put the wrapper which appears like  a 'hand bag' origami into a steamer pot
c)  Steam for about 30 minutes
d)  Serve the steam cooked Kuih Mongkol hot or cold on the banana leaves to get the aroma of the banana leaves...
Cook the ingredients by steaming  for about 30 minutes

Steamed cooked' Kuih Mongko'l or Mongkol cake..

In Sarawak especially around Kuching city and Samarahan town, the Mongkol cake is a popular delicacy sold in the Ramadhan bazaars for breaking of fast.  It costs 50 sen - Rm 1 a piece depending on the location i.e. in village or town bazaars.

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Lensa Aina said...

The correct name is Kueh Bongkol