Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kuching in bronze

At the Kuching waterfront is seen this bronze sculpture of a group of local cats. The city's named has been accredited to cats. One theory suggests that it derived its name from the spot where there were plenty of trees the locals here called 'mata kuching' that have seeds like cat's eyes. This spot close to where the city now is was a natural gathering place of ships and boats that came in to town to trade. Overtime the town was described by the river spot where the trading ships or boats berthed albeit by the shade of the 'mata kuching' trees. Another theory suggests that the prevalence of cats around the town had made people adopt the name 'Kuching' ( malay word for cat) to better describe the locality. Whatever theory you are inclined to follow it all boiled down to cats, cats,cats. Kuching is for cats.

A group of local cats in bronze in playful mood. Location: Kuching waterfront area.

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