Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Historical pillars of Kuching

Entrance to the Sarawak Tourism Complex
Kuching has more than its share of historical buildings in Sarawak. In fact I think more than. Compared to Bintulu for instance where there is none. Therefore a walk around downtown Kuching city is a journey into the past when the Brookes and then the later British colonialists constructed buildings in the tradition we name today as the 'colonial style'. The above entrance arch serves as balcony to what was before the Court House. As I walked in through the balcony I was impressed by the tall round columns that hold the ceiling of the verandah past the balcony space as seen in the picture below.

These columns look imposing and full of grandeur much inspired by the massive columns of Roman court house architecture. After the first Council Negeri meeting was held at Bintulu in 1876, all subsequent meetings from 1878 till1973 were held at this Court House. However very recently its was converted into Sarawak Tourism Complex building.

These pillars are tall probably 6 m high to my naked eye. I find the walkway or corridor rather narrow. In history, this building served as the General Post Office (1931) and still is albeit name change to Pejabot Pos Malaysia.

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Eki Akhwan said...

i like the facade and the corridor of this building ... places like this always remind me of good old days ... (not that i'm that old to remember ...) ;P