Monday, February 9, 2009

Corner Landscape Detailing

Successive layering is achieved through proper use of plants and colours
Recently I have been interested on the treatment of landscaping corners around the Kuching waterfront area and other likely areas around the city. I always believe that at tight corners the landscaping details should enhance the engineering aspects of roadsides plus its aestethic appeal. A short walk around town indicated to me that some people have done quite a good job of planting details as shown above and below.

The red ixoras alert one's senses.
Location: Kuching Waterfront area

Corner at DBKU Building (Petrajaya) showing diverse shapes, heights and colours of plants (i.e.hibiscus,cordyline and palm)

Use of spathiphyllum and variegated dwarf ophiopogon help defines corners.
Location: Barrack Road

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