Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Discover the Treasure of Borneo Jungle

Paid a visit to the Pitcher Plant and Wild Orchid Centre at Padawan today, some 30 minutes drive from Kuching city .
Below are pictures of the carnivorous plant called nepenthes or pitcher plants. There are about 30 species on display. From the picture below it is easy to imagine how small insects or animals( e.g. lizards and tiny frogs) can get trapped and drowned before they are absorbed into the plant as food.
Pitcher Plants
Here there are about 40 species of Sarawak or Borneo's wild orchids on display.Below are examples that caught my attention.
Wild Orchids
The above wild orchid is a species of the vanda called Phalaenopsis violacea which is highly scented and raised to the status of the state flower of Sarawak and given a VIP name - 'Normah Orchid' - after the name of the former First Lady of Sarawak.

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