Monday, December 1, 2008

Clouds and Rains Towards Kuching

In the far distance heavy clouds formed and rains have fallen at certain locations.
It has been a full month of November that we left Kuching.  On this 1st of December we took to the road again for a 10 hours journey to Kuching from Bintulu.  The month of November is very rainy in Bintulu and as we drove the only highway that ran the length of Sarawak we encountered heavy rains too especially on the last lap of the journey while nearing Kuching.
The wiper saves the day without which we will not be able to see clearly ahead.
Travelling long distances I prefer some rain along the way mainly to cool off the hot tyres though it somewhat slow down the journey. We can't have it both ways. Too dangerous to speed on slippery roads.

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