Saturday, October 4, 2008

4 C's shopping at Satok night market.

The Sunday market at Satok,Kuching city starts regularly on Saturday afternoon and will end the following Sunday afternoon to make way for street sweepers and cleaners  clean up the place come Monday.
On any office days ( Mon - Fri ) the place will resume to become paid car parking areas.
I visited the Satok Sunday market area Saturday night and found the place buzzling with night shoppers who prefer to go out after their day's work and  the temperatures much cooler. The choices of fruits, vegetables,meat, fish, textiles, magazines, handicrafts, cooked food, etc here are a plenty.
The recently popular 'dragon fruit ' which is a kind of cacti are seen in the foreground. A kilo of these red-fleshed fruits can fetch RM 8 - 12 a kilo depending on size and quality.
Orchids in various forms and sizes are displayed. They can either be local varieties or imported ones.
Bargaining is the accepted behaviour here. If you don't bargain the extra profits goes to the trader.  Drive a hard bargain and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how cheap things can be at the Satok Sunday market.  To recap, I find that people shop at the Satok night market for the four C's. Convenience, Choices, Cheap and Cool.

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