Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Kuching Malay Wedding

I attended a Kuching Malay wedding that started on Friday afternoon with the 'akad nikah' (vow of marriage) which was accompanied with an array of wedding gifts exchange from both parties, the bride and bridegroom as well.
Wedding gifts from the bride's are displayed and accepted by the bridegroom's party.
Invited guests at the bride's family house.
The wedding couple is introduced to the crowd outside the house, accompanied by the 'kompang' drummings and songs of salutations to the Prophet Mohammed. This second ceremony was carried out the following day, Saturday 16 August.
Close up of the 'kompang' drums being held by young Malay boys  hitting the drums with bare hands following the cue of their 'kompang' group leader.
Wedding lunch is served to invited guests.
While guests enjoy their lunch, a lady hands out perfume in small packets as wedding gifts. Seen in the picture is a small boy with a basket of gifts and the lady standing is giving away the gifts.
A section of the large crowd that turned up at the wedding function on Saturday morning.

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