Saturday, June 14, 2008

Semi-Abstract Sculpture

This semi-abstract sculpture was glimpsed as I walked along the Kuching waterfront. It's supposed to represent unity especially among the races of Sarawak and their dynamic spirit.

The majestic Royal Palms

Just opposite the newly opened Green Heights Mall is this condominium building also named Green Heights Condominium. The majesty of the royal palms enforces the grandeur of the place.

Bonsai plants for sale at Mile 7 Bazaar

On the way back from Kuching city, we stopped by at Mile 7 to see this 'bonsai' plants show and sale. Very interesting but the arrangement and display was chaotic.

Paper cut flowers

These suspended paper cut flowers greeted visitors and customers to the Green Heights Mall during its opening recently. Newly opened and not yet fully occupied, it houses the Cold Storage Supermarket and future up trend shops.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pocket garden

This pocket garden is by the side of Kuching's former court house .The huge rain tree provides much needed shade, greenery and character to the place.

Hibiscus as Hedge and Flowering shrub

Besides the Wisma Satok, which is the building on the left, is this long row of variegated hibiscus hedge. However I notice that in the midst of the row and at intervals are placed solitary hibiscus plants which are left to grow without much trimming. The result is this showy bunch of beautiful red flowers by the otherwise mundane roadsides.