Thursday, April 10, 2008

Huge cotton tree

I am back in Kuching after driving a ten hour journey by van on Wednesday last. Yesterday I had to go to the Kuching Waterboard to pay for water reconnection. Just as I was about to approach the Waterboard office, I encountered this huge cotton tree. Kuching can easily parade itself as a botanical city. This type of tree is not available in Bintulu or in any other major towns of Sarawak for that matter.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fruiting Chinese Fan Palm

You can easily grow seedlings from these fruits. This Chinese fan palm is a favourite among landscapers due to its short stature, broad leaves and colourful fruits.

Shade from rain trees

These 'rain trees' are ideal for Kuching car parks . In our tropical hot and humid climate, we need shade as a necessity.

Roadside stalls at Kuching waterfront

Waterfront gergola

Smallest arch to a mosque

I believe this is the smallest arch to a mosque that I have have ever seen . Situated at the very busy Main Gambier Street, this sign is testamount to the religion of the early Indian traders who became experts in the spice trade and commerce in early Kuching has continued even to this present day.

Post Office columns

This building houses the main Post Office building in Kuching. My eyes were attracted to the interesting details of the columns . Kuching has the most and best collection of 'colonial type' buildings in Sarawak and most are within walking distance from the Kuching waterfront .

Tembusu trees at Reserviour Park

I love to just sit in the park and admire the majesty of these tembusu trees. I guess this is the best location to see these huge trees in Kuching. There grow abundantly in this park and surrounding green areas.

Wisma Pelita

This government building is called 'Wisma Pelita'. Taken in mid afternoon from the State Library building, while I was having a coffee break at the open cafe spot of the library.

Royal Palm trees

Royal Palm trees are in the foreground while tall coconut trees are seen in the background. This is taken during my stroll at waterfront.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kuching Waterfront Park

Shady spots inside the Park are a welcome break in the glaring sun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Building of Colours

What a daring, artistic and colourful treatment to a multi-storey car park, amusement center and food court all in one. This building is located in the city main tourist belt.

Fountain at Reserviour Park

The Resrviour Park is a popular jogging and passive recreation area that sits right smack in the center of Kuching city . It is within walking distance from the major tourist hotels in Kuching.

The Astana

Completed sometime in 1870 by the British rulers, this building is now home to His Excellency the Governor of Sarawak (TYT). This is a truly iconic building of Kuching and this view is taken from the wet market across the river.